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Washington – Out of Their Minds!

$335,000,000 dollars for STD prevention? Are you kidding me? What else have these liberal oligarchs thrown into the economic stimulus package that we don’t know about? While Pelosi, Reid and Obama are at it, they had better throw in some cash for anger management classes because that is what this circus is going to create – a bunch of irate Americans! And I am one of them.

Do they have any idea how much $335 million dollars is? On, I watched interviews as Pelosi smugly described how STD prevention and the reduction of children were needed for stimulus of the American economy. Sounds a bit like the beginnings of Nazi America.

Is Pelosi out of her mind? Does she think we are mindless, ignorant lemmings simply following her leadership as she walks us over the cliff?

I’ve got a better idea how to spend $335 million. Give me the $335 million and I’ll start a new school where bright men and women of character are chosen from around the nation to attend for free. Here at Common Sense University, these humble and dedicated folks will be taught to legislate exactly opposite from the current Congress.

Upon earning their degrees, this army will be strategically placed in campaigns around the country to run against those in Washington who use government to exalt their own agendas of social engineering over the good of their constituents. With any luck, we’ll totally replace Capitol Hill. Now that’s $335 million well spent!

Back to reality.  Rather than use common sense, the architects of this nasty stimulus plan are using the economic crisis as a smoke screen for funding their social agendas; in this case that agenda is population reduction.  This gross misallocation of funds speaks loud and clear to the Americans without jobs: “Sorry, we don’t have a job for you, but here is a free condom. Now go home and don’t make any kids as they are a burden on our economy.” Can anyone else feel the bile creeping to the top of their throat?

Well, I for one have had enough. And I hope my fellow Americans are awakening from their apathetic sleep as well; arming themselves with their votes and influence to throw these clowns out of Washington as we collectively shout, ““Don’t let the door hit you in the keester on your way out!”

From this day on, let us resolve not to complain about this problem of the thieves, crooks and dishonorable men and women amongst us. Rather let us place people of character in office who won’t hesitate to impeach stupidity or criminality. Let’s vow never to let folks like Pelosi and Reid get comfortable spending our money. Let’s show them we are not the lemmings they take us for.


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