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America is Calling For Help – Will You Answer the Call?

Make no mistake – spending will be the death of this nation.  Unless we change our course.  We finally have a few leaders willing to risk their political careers by coming up with real budget solutions.  These leaders realize that cuts aren’t fun but realize they are necessary.

Folks, our honeymoon with debt is over.  Its time to get to work.  We all need to work together to let Washington know that we would rather pinch pennies now than go bankrupt later.  We must have a sense of urgency because we know that National bankruptcy isn’t too far off…

In this blog is a video of the best budget proposal I have ever seen.  Please Watch!  Its only a few minutes long. Once you see the trajectories of national debt based on current spending, you will be surprised that we are on such a course of insolvancy as a nation.  But don’t get down or depressed.  Instead, rise up! We can do something about this.  Unlinke Charlie Sheen, we can dig ourselves out of the hole if we decide to act now

Let’s not fall for the politics of Washington any longer. Yes, a Repulican is pushing this budget proposal forward but Democrats have helped to craft it as well.  As usual, the other parties will start to criticize this plan well before they read it and they will try to use it as a political weapon for the next election. Let’s not permit this to happen.

This issue is too important to allow ourselves not to see the smoke and mirrors of partisan politics and allow ourselves to be divided.  This is an issue of the utmost importance!  Divided we fall but United We Will Stand.

As such, let’s come together as a Nation and get behind a plan that will gradually pay off our national debt!  Let’s leave a legacy of honor behind for the next generation. Let’s regain our status as world leaders. Let us suspend the things that divide us and come together as a Nation on this most important matter – Solvency! 

Let us not slip quietly away into the night. Let us not be remembered as a once-powerful nation that long ago brought freedom and liberty to its neighbors.  Let us continue to be regarded as the greatest nation on earth.  One that is generous because she can be. One that gives when needs arise. One that has a savings account for rainy days.

Check out this video and then get on board. Now is our moment to shine. To make a difference.  To find out that we can be united when we are seeminly down-and-out.

After you watch this video, do something.  Use your energy to make a difference.  Even if you never participated in politics before, make an exception!!!.  Pick up your phone. Call your Senators and Congress men and women – let them know you are behind this budget plan.  They listen when enough people are talking.  You may not realize it, but your phone call Does Make A Difference.  You Can Help Save America!

Get on the Internet.  Email this link to all your friends.  Let everyone know finanical reform isn’t a Repulican or Democrat thing – its a “We The People of the United States” thing.

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