Liberal Hypocrisy with their inaction to audit Federal Reserve

13 Sep

Regarding the recent “Ron Paul” bill that passed passed in the House with all but one Republican vote – 89 Democrats voted against it:

Democrats market the message that they are the party of the 99%, they “stand is solidarity” will occup

y wall street folks, they promote and protect the little guy, and feed and cloth the ones in need.

Then why are so many of them opposing the Audit the Fed bill? It is thought the bill won’t make it thru the Senate due to “strong democratic resistance”.

This doesn’t make sense to me… Liberals are continually painting Republicans as being owned by “big oil” and “big business”… but The Federal Reserve IS THE GRAND DADDY OF ALL BIG BUSINESS. It doesn’t get any bigger than these guys!!!


What ties do Democrats have to the Fed Reserve that they don’t want coming out?

Their smoke screen is they claim auditing the fed it will “politicize” things but listen to the attached video on what one Democrat has to say about that lame excuse…

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