Representation without Taxation

13 Sep

America is Number 1! (In corporate tax rate that is… See article)

The idea spreading among many in this country is that the rich don’t pay taxes.

This is clearly a bogus assertion designed to stir up social-economic strife and help ensure politician continue to stay in power, running as modern-day Robin Hoods, e.g., steal from the rich by way of taxes and give to the poor.

The problem with this model, as has been proven throughout history (most recently in the past three years), is that through socialistic-type policy MORE poverty is created, not less. When the government plays Robin Hood, everyone looses (except politicians and the large, corrupt organizations that own them).

I have heard from several folks this year who have ALWAYS received tax returns in the past, now OWE the government money. Some of these folks are not well off either…

As opposed to the false data points used to control the population to keep them enslaved to government entitlements, we should talk about what is factual.

For example, around 50 of American’s don’t pay any taxes leaving the burden on the other 50% who do… (see the other article for a chart on the “index of dependence on government”). This negative trend has skyrocketing over the past two presidencies.

Bush started this American decline, but Obama is perfecting it. He makes Bush look like an amateur. (e.g., $16 trillion in dept and climbing fast! – perhaps that’s why the house just threw out Obama’s proposed 2013 budget in a 0-414 vote).

It is interesting that the America Revolution was started because of the issue of “No Taxation Without Representation”.

A new issue is emerging however. Our ever more tyrannical government is granting benefits and rights to those with no skin in the game; no vested interest – Freeloaders and corrupt thieves who are pilfering our American treasure with smiles on their faces.

Perhaps a new American Revolution is needed with a clarion call to action being: “No Representation without Taxation”. Having the ability to vote in a politician who will reward you with generous gifts from the public treasury while not having contributed to that treasury seems immoral at best. It is certainly unsustainable.

Here’s an idea: Let’s pass a law that states if you don’t pay taxes, you don’t get a vote.

And while were at it, vote Obama out and put Paul Ryan’s budget to work. Stop spending money and start creating jobs so the tax burden can be more evenly spread out.

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